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Sell more homes with Lenderly

Are your customers frustrated with the lack of affordable homes available? Are they tired of competing with multiple offers? Are rising home prices beyond their reach? 


Fortunately we have a solution. At Lenderly, home financing is our business. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the system-built industry, we have the resources to help increase your revenue, expand your customer base and provide an exceptional customer experience. 



Popular home options for less

What's a system-built home?

Unlike stick-built homes where the home is constructed at the property site, system-built homes are constructed in climate-controlled factories where materials are protected from the elements and quality is assured. Each home is built in sections and then transported to a property site where a builder assembles it on a foundation. System-built homes include modular and manufactured housing and must meet either state, local or federal residential building codes.


Why buy a system-built home?

Many homebuyers who might otherwise be priced out of the housing market are turning to system-built homes as an affordable housing solution. With their budget-friendly price tag (up to 50 percent less per-square-foot than a stick-built home), high-end customization options, and shorter build time, they are a popular option for homebuyers of all ages - from millennials to baby boomers. 



Loan programs

Finance the home and land together

At Lenderly, our friendly team can answer your customers' questions, find the best loan to fit their needs and work with them from start to finish to get them into their new home. We make it easy for them to build a new home on their land, or wherever they choose, and at far less than what they would pay for a traditionally constructed home. That’s because we offer an all-in-one financing solution for lot purchase, construction, and permanent system-built home funding.


We can provide:

  • One loan and one closing to save your borrower time and money
  • Low-down or no-down payment options 
  • A fully-funded loan before construction begins
  • A seamless process: only one qualification and appraisal needed


We offer:

  • Conventional Manufactured Home Loans
  • FHA Manufactured Home Loans
  • FHA 203(k) Renovation Home Loans
  • USDA Rural Development Construction Home Loans
  • VA Manufactured Home Loans
  • Refinance

Learn more about our loan options here.



*Lenderly is an equal housing lender that does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, familial status, disability, or source of income or age.


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